Groove Basin is a music player server with a web-based user interface inspired by Amarok 1.4.

Run it on a server connected to some speakers in your home or office. Guests can control the music player by connecting with a laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Further, you can stream your music library remotely.

Groove Basin works with your personal music library; not an external music service. Groove Basin will never support DRM content.

Live discussion in #libgroove on Freenode.

circlegithubalt Check it out on GitHub Try out the live demo Try it on Sandstorm



My Quest to Build the Ultimate Music Player

Over the past few years, I have been slowly but surely building my own music player. It's been a wild ride. The codebase has radically changed several times, but is always converging on a better music listening experience...

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Turn Your Raspberry Pi into a Music Player Server

A few months ago I published My Quest to Build the Ultimate Music Player, where I described some of the trials and tribulations that led to Groove Basin, an open-source music player server that I've been building off and on for almost 4 years...

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